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DirectBuy Houston South: Furniture, Appliances & Electronics

Welcome to DirectBuy of Houston South. Here you will find the #1 way in North America to buy virtually everything for your home. As a member of our exclusive club, you join over 400,000 others who have already begun to take advantage of the opportunity to buy electronics, home furnishings, appliances, and many other things at confidential dealer prices. We collaborate with hundreds of name brand manufacturers so that you can get some of the best prices available for these high quality products.

DirectBuy has been in Houston for 37 years. We have been at our new location for the past five years. As one of the top rated companies for customer service, we are dedicated to providing our members with everything that they need in order to appreciate and enjoy their memberships. We have a trained staff that is experienced and knowledgeable. We are located on the Beltway near Highway 59 and service Houston, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Richmond, and Katy.

The Place to Go for Home Improvement and Remodeling Supplies in Houston

A quick peek into our showroom or website will give you an idea of the many products there are to choose from. We give you access to over a million high quality product SKUs from hundreds of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry. This is the place to shop if you are looking for home furnishings, home improvement items, kitchen cabinets and appliances, flooring, and other related products. When you shop with us, all of the merchandise is offered at confidential dealer pricing, so you can save money on everything that you need as you design and furnish your entire home.

Because all of these products are available online, you can shop without even leaving your house. You also have the option of visiting our showroom, where you will find examples of the products and up to date information on all of the manufacturers that we work with. We pride ourselves on our ability to know each member personally so that when you come to the store, you will feel comfortable and welcome. We always have fresh popcorn, lemonade and coffee available to our members and guests. Every other Saturday, we have a special presentation by one of the manufacturers so that our customers can get to know a little bit more about each line and ask any questions that they have. We also have a friendly, helpful staff who will be able to help you with anything that you need during your visit.

No matter if you are building, remodeling, or just adding a few new furnishings or electronics, you'll be able to find a huge selection of items here at DirectBuy of Houston South. From living room to bedroom, kitchen floors to cabinets, outdoor furnishings to indoor - you'll find it here.

Your Source for Furniture, Home Appliances, Décor and Electronics in Houston

As mentioned, one of the most exciting parts about DirectBuy is the incredible savings that you receive on each of the products that are offered. When you shop at most retail stores, you can expect that only about half of your dollar actually goes toward the item that you purchase. Savings is the top reason that many people choose to shop at DirectBuy. Because we connect you directly with some of the top manufacturers and their authorized suppliers, you can purchase products directly from the source with no hidden retail markup.

DirectBuy also offers a very comfortable and relaxed place to do your shopping. Houston traffic can be a mess; by shopping with us, you can find products for any room in your home in a single place, eliminating the need to drive from store to store searching for what you want and comparing prices. Here, you will find a wide variety of choices and you never have to worry about high pressure sales.

Our customer service staff is unbeatable. We even have an interior designer and cabinet designer on staff that are available to answer questions and give you individualized advice. Our professional design services can give you the confidence you need to buy the products that will be perfect for you.

Where Houston Goes for Home Improvement and Remodeling Supplies

We understand that convenience is important to our customers. DirectBuy provides you with a simple and stress-free way to shop for the furnishings, appliances, fixtures, and other home improvement items that you need. You can shop online or you can come into our local branch for a more hands-on approach. While browsing through our site is a good way to start getting familiar with the program, we would also love to hear from you. We have a very experienced staff that can be contacted directly to help you with all of your purchasing needs.

With all the benefits that are available, what are you waiting for? Contact us so we can help you get started with buying direct for all your home furnishing and remodeling projects.

We proudly serve the areas of Houston, Missouri City, Sugar Land, Richmond, and Katy.

Questions? Call Us:1-800-320-4964

Real Stories From Real PeopleWilliam M.

"A pleasant experience working with our service staff member from start to finish. He showed sincere interest in meeting our needs on our recent order for custom seating for an outdoor kitchen. This involved understanding our needs and using all resources available to ensure success. Well done, and a key reason we enjoy being members of DirectBuy."

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